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Halloween Contact Lenses Cheap


Only days remain until you hit your Halloween 2015 event in style! Whether this means you are going to a Halloween club, party, dance, dinner, or hitting the streets with a statement – make it a Halloween to remember. Dress up your eyes this Halloween with safety-approved contact lenses that ...

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Top 10 Colored Contacts for this Halloween:


1. Gold Vampire Halloween contacts, similar to the ones Edward Cullen wore in Twilight, will give you the seductive, golden amber eyes that you need to complete your vampire costume. 2. Vampire Red Halloween contacts are a deep blood-red color, just like the Volturi vampire’s eyes. 3. Black Out Halloween ...

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Temporary Costume Eye Tattoos


These Halloween Tattoos Create Dramatic Cat Eye Makeup Looks These Halloween tattoos by ‘cclstore’ from Etsy are the perfect way to do your eye makeup for Halloween without digging into the shadows. The temporary tattoos are handmade and are designed to go right over your eyelid in order to create ...

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Scary Halloween Makeup Looks


Once you’ve got a good costume, the best way to really transform yourself is with a dramatic Halloween makeup look. With a little practice, these cosmetic looks for vampires, witches and other creepy characters are sure to turn you into a costume contest winner. Fortunately, some of these looks are ...

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Total Blackout (Black Sclera) Contact Lenses


The sclera is the white part of your eye and these are about the most dramatic contacts you will find. The effect is totally creepy and absolutely MAKES so many costumes. Just think of the difference that having solid black eyes makes to so many horrifying movie characters, heck even the ...

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Mangekyou Sharingan Contact Lenses

naruto cosplay costume

arness the power of the Uchiha Clan from the Narutoverse and take things to the next level with sharingan contacts. These are some of the coolest and most intricate contacts there are with great detail work. Any fan knows that no Uchiha costume is complete without a pair of Sharingan. ...

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