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Are colored contact lenses dangerous for you?


Colored contacts are no stranger to Halloween. Some of us even wear them on a daily basis. A single white-out contact or a pair of circle lenses are a common item to find in the makeup bag of the ultra-goth or the super kawaii. Many more of us wear them ...

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Colored Contact Lenses

Are you a brown-eyed girl, wondering what you’d look like with baby blues? While colored contact lenses are a way to experiment with your eye color, they should never be thought of as merely a cosmetic accessory. As fun as changing your look may be, as with any contact lenses, ...

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7 Tips for Choosing the Best Colored Contact Lenses for Newbies


Colored Contact lenses are really wonderful in enhancing your looks and appearance in any occasions. However choosing the right pair of colored contact lenses may not be as easy as it sound. Many people, especially beginner will have hard time in selecting the right pair for themselves.   Below is ...

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