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Colored Contacts For Halloween – So Much Fun To Be Had!


It’s that time of year again! Time to pick out the best costume and accessories, so you can can get your ghoul on. You may have already tried wearing colored contacts for Halloween, and knew you just couldn’t resist wearing them again this Halloween. Or you may be brand new ...

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Non Prescription Colored Contacts for Halloween


Thinking about getting funky eye contacts for Halloween this year? As you can imagine, scary, FX, and color lenses are very popular at this time of year. The law, in the US anyway, requires you first see a professional eye care provider for any type of contact lenses, including Halloween ...

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Top 10 Colored Contacts for this Halloween:


1. Gold Vampire Halloween contacts, similar to the ones Edward Cullen wore in Twilight, will give you the seductive, golden amber eyes that you need to complete your vampire costume. 2. Vampire Red Halloween contacts are a deep blood-red color, just like the Volturi vampire’s eyes. 3. Black Out Halloween ...

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Are colored contact lenses dangerous for you?


Colored contacts are no stranger to Halloween. Some of us even wear them on a daily basis. A single white-out contact or a pair of circle lenses are a common item to find in the makeup bag of the ultra-goth or the super kawaii. Many more of us wear them ...

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Which Colored Contact Lenses Are Most Natural Looking?


Colored contacts are a way to add intensity to eyes while changing their color. According to Shalini Vadhera’s book, “Passport to Beauty: Secrets and Tips from Around the World for Becoming a Global Goddess,” contacts are a hit with the glamorous ladies of India’s film industry because they enhance eye ...

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How To Choose Colored Contact Lenses for Men


Colored contact lenses can take ordinary eye-color to extraordinary eye color. For men it can be like the cosmetic no one knows you are wearing. If Mother Nature gave you less than memorable eye color, you can jazz it up by going blue, green or chocolate brown. There are even ...

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Are Color Contacts More Expensive?


Yes, contact lenses that enhance or change your eye color cost more than regular contacts. The cost of colored contact lenses varies considerably, but generally, you can expect most disposable color contacts to cost at least 50 percent more than comparable non-tinted disposable contact lenses. if you choose to buy ...

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Halloween Contact Lenses: Colored Contacts Look Cool and Could Be Dangerous—Here’s Why


Halloween contact lenses can be the perfect finishing touch for any Halloween costume. Some of us even wear contacts on a daily basis. A single white-out contact or a pair of circle lenses are a common item to find in the makeup bag of the ultra-goth or the super kawaii. ...

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Make-up for Color Contact Lenses – Expert Secrets


Color contacts are great, whether you wear enhancement color lenses to brighten your natural color or opaques to change it completely. However, you will also need to apply some eye make-up to get the best effect from your lenses. There are a few eye make-up secrets that will make your ...

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