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Which is the best Daily Contact Lenses


What are the best Daily Contact Lenses to wear? A few years ago, there were only a handful of brands of daily lenses on the market – today there are more than a dozen and increasing all the time. With the greater numbers of daily contacts lenses comes a greater ...

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acuvue vs bausch and lomb


Johnson & Johnson and Bausch & Lomb are the two famous brands known for lens manufacturing. Comparing the brands to understand different types of lenses and lens products available in the market. Information also includes history and timeline of both the organizations.  Johnson and Johnson Vs Bausch and Lomb Elements ...

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Contact Lens and Eye Care


Never wear contact lenses when you sleep – not even during a nap. Always have a backup pair of eye glasses with your current prescription. Keep your eyes safe. Take time to care for your contact lenses. Here are some tips for keeping your eyes healthy and comfortable while you ...

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Proper Care of Contact Lenses


While contact lenses are safely used by millions of people every day, they do carry a risk of eye infection. Factors contributing to infection can include: •   Use of extended-wear lenses; •   Reduced tear exchange under the lens; •   Environmental factors; •   Poor hygiene.   The single best way to ...

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When wearing contacts, I always feel like something is in my eye.


Contact lenses are not one-size-fits-all, and constant “lens awareness” could indicate a poorly fitting lens. Lenses come in many combinations of diameter and curvature. If your lenses have the wrong diameter or base curve, you’ll likely feel that something is always in your eye. If the lenses are too flat, ...

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Contact Lenses: FAQ


I’m interested in wearing contact lenses. How long does it take to get used to them? Depending on your eye sensitivity and whether you choose soft or rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses, it may take only a day or it could take two weeks or more for your eyes ...

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Tips for Contact Lens Wearers


Many people new to contact lenses, and even some experienced wearers, have practical questions about contacts. These tips can help you deal with everyday contact lens concerns. Is My Contact Lens Inside Out? A question many newbie wearers have is: “How can I tell if my contact lens is inside-out?” ...

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Caring for Your Contact Lenses and Your Eyes


Following these steps will extend the life of your contact lenses and protect the safety and health of your eyes. Keep Lenses Clean The type of lens you have determines how you care for it. Disposable extended-wear soft lenses need the least care, and conventional soft lenses need extensive care. ...

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Can I still wear contact lenses if I have glaucoma?


Whether or not you can wear contact lenses depends on which glaucoma treatment your doctor selects for you. You should be able to continue wearing them if you are started on eye drops. However, some drugs may need to be taken when your lenses are not in your eyes. Also, ...

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Caring for Contact Lenses


Important Tips Proper contact lens care is easy, but there are some important steps you must follow. Below are basic tips that should be included in any contact lens care routine to help ensure a successful and healthy contact lens experience: Wash and dry hands thoroughly before handling contact lenses.1 ...

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