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Temporary Costume Eye Tattoos

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These Halloween Tattoos Create Dramatic Cat Eye Makeup Looks

These Halloween tattoos by ‘cclstore’ from Etsy are the perfect way to do your eye makeup for Halloween without digging into the shadows. The temporary tattoos are handmade and are designed to go right over your eyelid in order to create intricate makeup looks.

Halloween makeup can be impossible if you don’t know what you’re doing, but with these temporary stickers you can’t go wrong. The stickers come in different styles; there are fiery orange designs or even simple plain lacy black tattoos.

With these tattoos, you can get the look that you want without the effort. The tattoos feel as if they are a part of your own skin and won’t fall into or irritate your eyes. These Halloween tattoos are the perfect solution, allowing you to create fabulous Halloween costume looks.

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