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Which is the best Daily Contact Lenses

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What are the best Daily Contact Lenses to wear?

A few years ago, there were only a handful of brands of daily lenses on the market – today there are more than a dozen and increasing all the time. With the greater numbers of daily contacts lenses comes a greater diversity of materials that they are made of and conditons they can correct. 

Now it is possible to get daily lenses that are much better for dry eyes or VDU use, to correct astigmatism, to replace bifocals or varifocal glasses and to change the colour of your eyes.

Analysing lens complaints with online contact companies concerning daily lenses and talking to contact lens practitioners, together with customer feedback on our forums, we have got an overview on the quality of daily lenses from different manufacturers. 

This guide is not exhaustive – but will give you a run down on the main lenses on the market today.

1 Day Acuvue – Johnson & Johnson

1 Day Acuvue by Johnson and Johnson was the first daily lens on the market – launched in the mid 80`s. It caused a sensation at the time and was well ahead of it`s time in terms of design, concept and comfort. It is still a best seller, but new lenses are being launched with better materials that are starting to catch up in terms of sales with this `old favorite`. 

Plus Points: Good packaging. UV block included and inside out indicator. Easy handling.

Minus Points: Older generation material offers less all day comfort than newer materials. Cost.

1 Day Acuvue Moist

1 Day Acuvue Moist takes the existing 1 Day Acuvue material and adds a moisture rich ingredient and embeds it in the lens. This creates a long – lasting silky smooth moisture cushion throughout the lens. Our staff have been wearing the first lenses launched and they say they do feel more comfortable than the standard 1 day acuvue.

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Plus Points: Takes the advantages of 1 Day Acuvue and improves it with better materials, all day comfort.

Minus Points: Cost

Focus Dailies – Cibavision

Focus Dailies have been one of the best selling contact lenses in the UK for many years and for good reasons – they had great comfort, good packaging and easy handling, together with consistent vision. This is a lens that rarely ripped or tore. 

However, the lens was getting a bit  `long in the tooth` – new materials were coming onto the market that could be built into the lens to increase it`s overall comfort. As a result, the original Focus Dailies are gradually being phased out and Focus Dailies with Aquacomfort are taking their place. These new Focus Dailies come with a moisture lock ingredient as standard, which keeps the lenses feeling more comfortable throughout the day. Customers are reporting that this 2nd generation Focus Daily is an improvement over the original.

If that is not enough to confuse customers – Cibavision have now launched – in late 2008 – another daily lens, Cibavision Dailies with Aquacomfort Plus. This is an even newer material containing triple action moisturisers for increased comfort. Tests show that they are even more comfortable than Focus Dailies with Aquacomfort – however, we have not had any feedback on these lenses yet from customers so cannot yet comment on them. 

Focus Dailies with Aquacomfort:

Plus Points: Advanced materials giving better comfort, good for dry environments, good packaging, comfortable, price.

Minus Points: None

Cibavision Aquacomfort Plus

Plus Points: Contains triple action moisturisers for increased comfort, good packaging, good for dry eye environments

Minus Points: Cost

1 Day Soflens – Bausch & Lomb

This is one of the `granddaddies` of the daily contact lens clan – it has been around a long time now. Although a popular lens in it`s time, it was never as popular with the public as either Focus Dailies or 1 Day Acuvue.

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We think the main reasons for this is that the lens just was not as good as the competitors products. Customers reported that handling was more fiddly because 1 Day soflens packaging is not well designed and that the  lens does not hold it`s shape so well on insertion. There were generally more customer complaints about reproducibility.  It was priced on the market – and still is – at about the same price of the newer material Focus Dailies with Aquacomfort, so that when a customer compares these two products – the Focus Daily is a clear winner.

Plus Points: Not many – larger size suits some eyes better

Minus Points: Design, Handling, packaging, relative cost to competitor products


Soflens Daily Disposable – Bausch & Lomb

Reading the comments of Bausch & Lombs 1 Day Soflens (above), it is hardly surprising that B&L should try to improve their daily lens offering. 

Their new daily – Soflens Daily Disposable – is a newer generation material lens that is designed to provide resistance to tear debris accumulating on the lens during wear, so increasing all day comfort. In addition the lens design has been significantly modified from it`s predecessor – the overall mass of the lens has been reduced to aid comfort and the lens has been designed to allow more oxygen through to the eye.

B&L have also concentrated on their packaging – producing a much more user friendly package, which incorporates a `conditioning agent` in the storage fluid to help attracts moisture to the lens.

The lens is pretty new, so we can`t yet comment on how good it is – but it is good to see B&L release a more up to date daily lens.


Daysoft UV – Provis

Provis is the only lens manufacturer which only makes daily disposable contact lenses.   Their lenses have received mixed comments from the public – some people get on well with them, but a lot of others complain about their quality. Specifically, there are complaints about reproducibility and a tendency to tear and reduced general comfort and `all day` comfort` compared to rival products.

On the plus side, this is one of the least expensive lenses on the market.

Plus Points: Cost
Minus Points: Reproducibility, tendency to tear, poor comfort.

Proclear One Day – Coopervision

This is a new lens introduced on 2008 and builds on the success of Proclear Monthly lenses. The monthly lens had a material which was noted to be good for customers who suffered with `dry eyes` . Coopervision have taken this same material and made it available in a daily lens format. 

Too early yet for customer comments – but we expect this lens to achieve a sizeable following as a trouble shooting lens for those customers who have specific comfort problems that are not addressed with the other best selling daily lenses.

Biomedics 1 Day – Coopervision

This  contact lens used to be made by Ocular Sciences but the company got bought out by Coopervision. Has a thin design which adds to comfort and easy to handle for the customer.

Sauflon 1 Day

Expect to be supplied this lens by your optician because this lens is not available on the internet, so the optician can avoid competition and tie you in to their monthly schemes. However, we have managed to get hold of a stock so can supply. 

Please Note: This list is the viewpoint of this guide, and is not authoritative.


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