Things to Include in Your Outdoor Kitchen 

Improving or creating an outdoor kitchen involves careful selection and placement, budgeting, and planning of features to bring an entertainment area to reality.  

If you have an outdoor kitchen and want to look for outdoor kitchens ideas to further improve it, here are several must-haves that you should include. 

Fire Pits 

If you want to heat things up in your outdoor kitchen, you should add fire pits, chimineas, small heaters, or heat stacks. This will keep your party going on even after the sun goes down.  

Get Shady 

To improve al fresco dining, you can add a pergola or rooftop. This will offer a little shade and protect your outdoor kitchen items from the elements.  

Glassware Storage 

If you have the best point-of-use storage space for your stemware and glasses, you can easily serve up delicious drinks.  


If you have this item, you can easily keep your beer fresh, readily available, and cold for a long time period.  

Wine Cooler 

A wine cooler is an ideal addition to your outdoor kitchen. You can easily enable self-serving and accommodate guests.  

Outdoor Fridge 

If you have an outdoor fridge, you can get rid of portable coolers and constant indoor runs while keeping fresh ingredients safely chilled until it’s time to cook it. 

Ice Storage or Ice Maker 

To chill your drinks conveniently, you can add ice storage or ice maker in your outdoor kitchen.  


You can add cabinets to add extra storage around your outdoor kitchen. This will help you prevent going inside your house just to get the things you need. 


While the practice is to add guest seating close by, nowadays, it is best to keep the cook within the social circle while cooking. That is why there are a lot of entertainment areas and outdoor living spaces that feature low-seating spaces away from the grill.  


You should think about making an outdoor kitchen island layout and consider the countertop material for your prep area. Don’t forget to have space on your counter for the non-cooking appliances, like the sink.  


If you’ve got a griddle added to your outdoor kitchen, you can easily serve up breakfast, such as eggs and bacon. 

Side Burner 

This appliance can accommodate easily a lobster pot or anything that you use a stovetop for. This includes baked beans and much more. 

Pizza Oven 

Having a pizza oven outside your home is getting popular nowadays. This offers an extra cooking alternative. In addition to that, a pizza will taste much better when cooked inside a pizza oven. 


Cabinetry is the foundation of an outdoor kitchen. It is available in stainless steel, high-density polyethylene, polymers, and wood.  

Stainless steel cabinets are available in a variety of finishes. This includes wood grain finish or powder coating with a particular color. Stainless steel cabinets are well-known for their durability. Several finishes can help protect the stainless steel from stains, spills, chips, and ugly fingerprints and offers a sturdy defense against environmental conditions and corrosion.